Join us in june 2020


We are a group of friends from all over the world, and we have met one another while traveling. We strive to make the world a better place to live in for all of us. Our mission is to raise money for the Red Cross water-projects in Africa by organizing a worldwide “Freedom March” with as many backpackers as possible. We will travel from country to country to spread our message of love by passing the white Freedom March flag from town to town.


We want backpackers from The Netherlands, The Hague (Peace Palace) Europe to the Middle East, Africa, Asia to America. You can join us in your own country or for just a piece of the trip - just one city or maybe for the whole trip. During the whole journey we intend to promote our march on local radio stations, schools and in public squares. We hope there will be musicians in every country who will be there and play for us travelers in the public squares and parks.


We will start the Freedom March in june 2020 so you can safe some money for the trip. And we are looking for volunteers (country leaders) for every city we are traveling through. So if you would like to help, please contact us on our website joinus@Freedommarch.nl and tell us your skill which we can use, your name, city and country were ur from. Any help will be welcomed.

Freedom March “The Trip”

The Netherlands, The Hague (Peace Palace). Belgium, Brussels (E.U). France, Paris. Spain, Madrid, Gibraltar


Morocco, Tangier, Oujda. Algeria, Algiers. Tunisia, Carthage. Libya, Tripoli. Sudan, Khartoum. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa (African Union). Somalia, Mogadishu.


Yemen, Al-Hudayda. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Jordan, Petra. Israel, Jerusalem. Lebanon, Beirut (Middle East Union Mission). Syria, Damascus. Iraq, Baghdad. Iran, Tehran.

Afghanistan, Kabul. China, Karakoram Highway. Tibet then fly to:


Venezuela, Caracas. Brazil, Icana, Tabatinga. Peru, Santa Rosa. Ecuador, Quito (Union Naciones Suramerica). Colombia, Bogotá. Panama, Panama City. Costa Rica, San José. Nicaragua, Managua. Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Guatemala, Guatemala City. Mexico, Mexico City.


U.S.A, Houston, Washington DC, New York (United Nations) and our dream is that we will give a big “end Freedom March concert” when we there.


Bring your flag and your instrument!


Present-day conflicts often end in stalemates, situations that are neither war nor peace. In such cases emergency aid cannot be withdrawn from one day to the next. Time is needed for basic services, such as water-supply systems, to start functioning normally again.


We are gonna raise money for Red Cross water-projects +


join us now!